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Head sugarmaker Greg Young checking the grade of the syrup coming off of the evaporator during maple sugar season.  It looks like a nice golden color and he is happy with that.  The evaporator is clean and ready for more production.

Greg Young

Head Sugar Maker


Starting with 10 buckets and boiling in a kitchen pot over an open flame, Greg's passion for sugaring was born.  Growing every year, he and his friends eventually reached 280 buckets,100 gravity fed taps, and 3 homemade woodfired evaporators.


In 2013 Skaneateles Sugar Shack was born.  Upgrading to new, much more efficient equipment, Greg added 1,800 taps.  With over 12 miles of tubing all under vacuum, thousands of gallons of sap is collected, and Greg personally makes every drop to ensure a pure, rich tasting maple product that is sure to please!


With continued growth and help from Greg's family and friends, Skaneateles Sugar Shack now has a total of 4,300 taps, producing over 100,000 gallons of sap in a season!

2019 was our best season yet!  All grades of natural maple syrup were made, and we made a lot of it.  Our customer base has been growing well and we love our customers! Many are using it in traditional ways , but many are engaging on social media and sharing creative recipes that the are making.  Not only pure maple, but maple sugar, maple candy, maple cotton candy and soon maple cream have been enjoyed by many.  Wedding season has also been a great opportunity for both us and our customers as many brides are using the syrup as table favors, bridesmaid/groom gifts, and for seat assignments! How sweet is that!

2020 Wow! what a strange year.  We worked very hard maintaining our maple woods and collected as much sap as possible.  Each season a number of environmental factors affect the sugar content of the sap.  This season was a low sugar season, for example we averaged 1.1% sugar our of the trees, at that rate we have to process 78 gallons of sap to produce 1 gallon of maple syrup! In the end we can only take what mother nature provides and are grateful for every ounce of it.  Oh yeah and COVID-19! It has been hard on everyone including the maple industry.  Our bulk market has closed and every small gift shop, boutique and restaurant we sell to are closed for the time being.  With all of that going on we have big plans, a new sugarhouse!  We hope to have construction completed for the 2021 maple season and will be holding open houses, tours, and pancake breakfasts from time to time! We look forward to seeing everyone and thank you for continuing to support us on social media and at


We hope to hear from you soon!




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